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Modern Wayfarer by ZetsumeiOngaku Modern Wayfarer :iconzetsumeiongaku:ZetsumeiOngaku 3 0 Reaching by ZetsumeiOngaku Reaching :iconzetsumeiongaku:ZetsumeiOngaku 1 0
I wonder about my life sometimes
I wonder about my life sometimes.  Actually I wonder about it a lot.
I find that I have a lot of time to spend my thinking on.
I wander around, not really living in one set place.  Though I would like to… eventually perhaps.
I visit the shack of a kind old man the most.  He lives in the ocean waters, a good distance off the coast of a clean, white beach.
He lets me eat and sleep there in exchange for a talk every now and then.
Other than that, I suppose I just wander around what lies past the beach.
Uninhabited, disgusting, dirty old buildings as far as the eye can see.   Hardly anyone goes there.  Well, except rats and other vermin.
I wonder if I’m like them.
… This is what I mean.  I think about these things every minute of the day.  I’m actually exploring right now.
I found a little gray-brown house that looks like it has the potential for me to live there.  Or maybe I can just scavenge around.
So far, so good.  
:iconzetsumeiongaku:ZetsumeiOngaku 1 0
Metaphor Poem by ZetsumeiOngaku Metaphor Poem :iconzetsumeiongaku:ZetsumeiOngaku 2 0 I Am Poem - finished by ZetsumeiOngaku I Am Poem - finished :iconzetsumeiongaku:ZetsumeiOngaku 4 0
I met you a while back...
In English class, yes, that’s it.
I was fascinated by your demeanor.
So full of life and love and laughter,
I wondered if it was for everyone else
Or just for you.
But I must admit,
I found you terribly annoying at first.
The loud noise that was your voice
And the seemingly too hyper personality...
It drove me mad.
But the more time I spent in your presence
The more I saw I adored it all.
Your smile, your laugh,
The way you always tried to help everyone,
The way you humbled yourself by hiding your talent,
Always, always through humor.
Perhaps that was what fascinated me.
I wanted to delve deeper,
To see what you were like
Without your shell.
But apparently yours is a tough one to crack.
So I lured you to me
Through my own skills and talents
And ended up cracking my own shell
In an attempt to break through yours.
You were informed of my thoughts
And of my emotions.
And though I still can’t believe it now,
You’d said it was mutual
And ever so p
:iconzetsumeiongaku:ZetsumeiOngaku 2 8
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Recently I crashed into a very hard, solid wall of disappointment.
It hurt me so much that I couldn't even enjoy the delicious happiness of chocolate overload cake.
You ever had the kind of upset feeling where the taste of joyous foods such as chocolate has no meaning in your mouth?
Yeah I hate that.

Ah, but this afternoon I tried something for fun (and because the resources were within arm's reach).  I wrapped a dark chocolate truffle with a strip of warm pancake and popped it in my mouth.
The effect was BEAUTIFURU. It was like heaven in my mouth; decadent chocolate angels were dancing on fluffy pancake clouds, it was amazing.

Well it made my day in any case.  Or at least part of it.

You guys should try it if you're feeling a little down. :)
  • Listening to: The sonic recreation of the end of the world
  • Reading: This journal, to check for mistakes
  • Drinking: Capri Sun yo (cuz that's how I roll)



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